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Brookshire Road, a 30-wide concrete roadway is adjacent to Sites 1 and 2.

Brookshire Road intersects with SC 101, a 4-lane, divided thoroughfare.  One mile east is I-85.  One mile west is SC 80, which is a direct route to I-85 north.

Site 3 fronts on Victor Hill Road, and Site 4 is next to Genoble Road.  Both roads have 20’-wide asphalt pavement and intersect with Robinson Road, which leads to SC 101.

The master plan for area thoroughfares includes widening and improving Victor Hill Road, Genoble Road, and Robinson Road.  Also, land will be purchased by Spartanburg County to allow Robinson Road to directly intersect with SC 101, making the route to and from I-85 simpler.  View a summary of area roadway improvements; depending on the size and scope of the new development, economic development funds will be allocated by the State of South Carolina and Spartanburg County to make the improvements that are required to serve each facility.


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